Website for mobile devices

Nowadays, when almost half of internet access is implemented via mobile devices, optimizing your website for mobile devices is practically a must. There are several possibilities of how to optimize your websites.

The first option is to have a website that does not "break up" when accessed through your mobile device, but this site is far from optimized. As it is necessary to scroll to sides, browsing through these sites is often very confusing and finding the required information can be time consuming.

Another option is a separate mobile-optimized website that is not dependent on the main site. It is mostly a site that is transposed into a single column with a few subpages and its width is automatically adapted to the device. Morevoer, it is necessary to provide your site with a simple script that can detect a mobile device and redirects it to the mobile version of the site.

The last option is the so-called responsive web design that enables to have only one website that can be automatically adapted to computer display as well as to that of mobile devices. However, the development of such a site is very expensive and not everyone can create it.